How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?
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How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?

In this page you will be given a quick overview about how cell phone spy software works! This is very much important for you as a user to understand how it works and know the process behind this technology. At the end of this page, you will have much more clear understanding about the software, its requirements and you will also be able to troubleshoot any possible reasons if in case the software doesn’t work.


This is a simple guide; not a technical report about the software. So lets get ahead with the software’s general process. Since all the major cell phone spy software operate in same way, you don’t have to worry about different program’s working.

Get A Complete View!

You get started by choosing the apt cell phone monitoring app according to your needs – since most of the apps come in at least two versions, it really comes down to you what kind of package you want to subscribe. Make sure you consider the target phone’s operating system and your specific monitoring needs while buying the app. When you have chosen the app, simply buy it and install it in the target phone. Its as simple as that!

Note: You can’t install the software in the target phone remotely; you need to access that phone in order to install the software.

When you have installed the software in the target phone, all the activities of the monitored cell phone gets recorded and saved by the software. These are the data logs or data files; whatever package you have chose will correspondingly provide you with the information.

These data files then get sent to your cell spy company’s web servers, which require an internet connection (yes! you need an internet connection on the monitored phone in order to send the data file). These files have every information that gets punched in and shared on your online control panel, or dashboard as many say!

This dashboard or control panel can only be accessed by logging in with a username and password, that is provided to you at the time you subscribe for the spy software. So with the help of the login name and password you can view the detailed information. Check out the snapshot below to get an idea of control panel!

Through dashboard you can easily access the entire information regarding the monitored cell phone, access it from any browser irrespective of any device! You just need internet to view this information. Moreover this information is secure as you’re the only one who can access it after logging in with the help of username and password.

So What Is This Online Control Panel?

Online control panel is your secured account that lets you view all information about the monitored cell phone, also you can setup and configure the account’s settings. The account lets you to manage everything including the monitored information, and you can make all the necessary changes through the panel without having to access the monitored phone again.

According to the spy program you chose, the functions you get in the dashboard might be similar to these:

  • Download The Files: This feature will let you download and save any files relevant to the stored information such as photos, audio, recordings, videos etc.

  • Control The Monitored phone: Without having to get hold of the monitored phone, you can make all the changes right from the control panel, such as lock/unlock the phone, wipe the data etc.

  • Manage Your Account: This feature lets you see the information about your account and make changes and settings.


The idea of control panel is to let you access the information that you have been meaning to get hold on, but in a much more simplified form. All you need the perfect software and internet connection, without which you can’t really access any of that information that you otherwise intend to! Here is a screenshot of DataspyTech (Recommended)

Phone Compatibility!

It depends on the kind of your target phone’s operating system whether the spy program will work or not. Reason being, if its an old operating system, perhaps a simple old cell phone, then the software won’t work, because the app is made for smartphones! Other than this, an iOS or an Android operating system needs to be DataspyTechand rooted respectively, in order for the app and its features to work.

The last and crucial thing for the software to work is a strong internet connection; for instance if the host phone doesn’t has an internet connection then you can’t install the app in it, even if you somehow manage to do so, you won’t be able to get the information as the app won’t get access to internet in order to send report to the control panel. Therefore a constant strong internet connection is really important not only to get the software working to its full capacity, but also to view the information on the control panel.

If in case you can’t get the cell phone spy software to work properly, then these might be the possible reasons for it:

  • Faulty installation of spy program.
  • Software compatibility issue.
  • Unreliable internet connection.

Just ensure that these aren’t the cause of the spy software not working properly, and rest everything will work!



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