How to Hack a Mobile Phone without any Software
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How to Hack a Mobile Phone without any Software

First of all we would like to ask why you need to hack a mobile phone? Who are you doubtful about? Is it your partner, kid or someone else? Underage kids are the main reason why you need to hack or spy a mobile phone. In the case of business, it is also sometimes important to keep a secret eye on employees because a fraudulent employee may leak secret information of business to your competitors. It can seriously harm your business. Cheating spouses is also a serious problem for many couples. Some of them can’t clear whether their partner is honest or not, and this doubt may break their relationship. By hacking into a mobile phone, doubts can be cleared which can save your relationship.

So these are the most obvious reasons which force you to peep into someone’s cell phone. Here we are explaining the simplest technique of stealing all information of the target phone without installing any software and without knowing the target person.

Which Mobile Phones Can be Hacked without Software?

There are some cell phones which are hacked without software, that means not all cell phones can be hacked without software. So if the target person has following phones, you can track them without installing software:

  1. iPhone ( iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, x ).
  2. iPad.

That means the iPhone and iPad can be tracked without any software and without their physical access, and all other phones need physical access at once.

Note: To track all other cell phones ( Android, Nokia, BlackBerry ) you need their physical access for 5-10 minutes to install a Hacking a phone with software into them, and after that you can spy their data anytime and don’t need physical access to the phone again.

Steps to Hack or Spy a Mobile Phone without any Software

Step #1

It is clear that only the iPhone and iPad can be tracked without any software. In the first step, you need Apple ID credentials of the target iOS device. It is the same Apple ID which the target user uses while logging into iClouds. So note down it, it will be used in further steps. This is the only challenging thing which you need to get in this process, further process is effortless.

Step #2

Now you need to get spy app for iPhone and iPad, it is also called a no-jailbreak solution because in this you don’t require a jailbreak target iOS device. After successful order you will get confirmation emails to your provided email ID and link to your online dashboard. Now login to dashboard and enter target Apple ID credentials. After a few steps, the setup will be completed and you will have complete access to the target iOS device. For complete information, read below given post:

Step #3

Congrats, you have done. Now open an online dashboard and track all activities of the person. This dashboard can be accessed from any browser and easy to use.

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Features Offered by No Jailbreak Solution

  • Spy all contacts saved on the phone.
  • All incoming and outgoing call logs.
  • Received and sent text messages.
  • WeChat Messages can be tracked.
  • Kik instant messenger can be spied.
  • Line messenger tracking.
  • All WhatsApp messages sent or received along with audio, video, photos, GIFs.
  • Skype messenger tracking.
  • Location of the target person can be tracked.
  • Pictures saved on the device.

There are only 10 features which are offered by no-jailbreak solution. In actuality, a mobile spy app offers lots of spy features but in case of no-jailbreak solution they decreased to one-fourth. If you are willing to use all of the features, you require physical access to the target iOS device to install this mobile spy app in it. After that you will get more than 30 spy features.

Steps to Hack or Spy Mobile Phones with Software

Now it is the turn of mobile phones which require software downloading and physical access at once. This installation of spy software needs physical access of that device for 5-10 minutes, and after installation you don’t require the target device again. Let’s explain it in steps:

  1. First of all, purchase mobile phone spy app.
  2. After successful purchase, you will get a download link. Open that link in the browser of the target device and download the software. Now tap the downloaded file to install.
  3. After installation return the mobile phone and track all activities from your online dashboard.

Note: If you wish to track all instant messengers, you need to root target Android device and in the same way need to jailbreak target iOS device. Contact; or whatsapp text +19404480894


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